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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I subscribe?

You get access to over a hundred knowledge-packed screencasts, as well as a warm fuzzy feeling inside for helping the community.

How do I unsubscribe?

You go to your account page and hit the unsubscribe button. You will be unsubscribed immediately and your credit card will no longer be charged.

I'm just starting out. Is this for me?

The Beginning Ember series will be starting mid-April. Until then, here are some great beginner materials. Come back after you've read/watched one of those.

Can you release more than two videos/week?

I'm done with my contracting work April 29th. I expect to be able to record screencasts more often after that.

Can you cover a specific subject I want?

Demand plays a role in how I decide screencast topics. Email me to make your voice heard.

I want in-person training!

Contact me at my personal email address to discuss in-person training.

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Highly recommend Ember Screencasts, awesome resource.

-Brian Douglas, Software Developer

A must watch for embereƱos of all stripes.

-Charles Lowell, founder of The Frontside

Wish I would of found these a few months ago!

-Krista Nelson, Software Developer

Worth every penny!

-Philip Poots, creator of EmberWatch