Giving Back

Published on Sep 16, 2016

How can you give back to the Ember Community?

Three easy ways to start are:

  1. Blogging
  2. Fixing Bugs
  3. Making and sharing cool stuff

There are many other ways to give back, but these are relatively easy to start and don't require an ongoing commitment.



Let’s say you’re really grateful for all the work that Ember contributors have done in the past, that you get to use this great framework, or you’ve already watched my next video and you know the selfish reasons for giving back. Well, there are lots of ways to give back but I’m going to show you three of the easier ones in this video.

The first is write a blog post. What can you write on? Well, you can write that you discovered a cool new programming technique, you used a cool addon that you want to share with someone, you’ve solved an interesting bug, or you had an insight about programming that you want to share. You can share these thoughts in several ways. GitHub pages is pretty popular. You can also go to Medium and write a one-off piece, or you could use the old classic Wordpress. But whatever tool you decide to use, putting your thoughts in words out into the ecosystem is definitely a benefit.

Another relatively easy way to help out is to fix a bug, and I can think of two major ways to find a bug. One is to find it while you’re coding and then fix it for your application, and then move that fix back up to the ecosystem at large, so whether that bug was in an addon or in ember.js itself. The second way is to trawl GitHub issues. There you’ll be able to find bugs that other people have reported, and then you can help solve those bugs.

A third thing you can do is just make cool stuff. Now this by itself doesn’t benefit the community, but there’s lots you can do with it. First, you can share your source code. Second, it’s going to provide fodder for your blog posts. It’s hard to write a good blog post unless you’ve been making cool stuff, making actual code. And third, you might find a bug that you can fix. This third one is more likely if you’re using more cutting edge stuff like addons that haven’t been tested well or the Beta or Canary versions of Ember. I know I said not to use that as much, but that’s in your production apps. In your fun, cool apps you can use whatever version you want because other people aren’t relying on it for their business.

So those are three easy ways that you can involved right now. As you get more involved in the community, you’ll find other ways such as maybe running a meetup or creating an open source addon or joining an open source team, but those all require much more commitment than the three ways we’ve listed here.

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