About EmberScreencasts.com

EmberScreencasts are concise weekly videos focusing on Ember.js and related technologies, including Javascript (ES2015/6), ember-cli, and html(5).

Some screencasts are free, and you can subscribe in order to view everything.

EmberScreencasts is directly inspired by RailsCasts and other screencast series.

About the Author

I was sitting in my underground lab, surrounded by liquid nitrogen and lasers, when I decided that a little bit of computing knowledge would help me science better. Halfway through my first book on Scheme/Racket I decided to abandon science entirely in favor of programming.

Since then I've gotten a minor in Computer Science, lived in South America, worked for a startup, worked with The Frontside, a high-end web consultancy, and created Math Monsters, a game that teaches kindergarten math skills.

I'm currently running this site, doing consulting work, and writing a book.

You can reach me on twitter or by email, or visit my website.

Happy Programmer LLC, my company, is dedicated to empowering others through knowledge.